Ximena Pacheco


"I seek perfection in everything I do and am a true wine lover"

Ximena Pacheco, a professional agronomist who studied biology and specialized in winemaking, took on the challenge of becoming the winemaker at Viña Casablanca in 2010, a boutique winery which is part of the Caroline Wine Brands group.

Her work has always been focused on Premium wine projects in places such as: Hungary, the Napa Valley in the US, and Mendoza in Argentina. In Chile, she also worked at prestigious luxury wineries.

Ximena becomes Viña Casablanca's winemaker, focused on micromanaging the terroir. Her main challenge is to understand the behavior of the soil, climate, and plants, all of vital importance in the winemaking process.

The vineyards are located mainly in the Casablanca Valley, just 18 kms. from the port of Valparaíso. This proximity with the Pacific Ocean defines our Casablanca Valley wines, a cool climate region.

"Viña Casablanca is a step forward in winemaking."

"An adventure where I can contribute to the production of wines of excellence."

"My final objective is to express our valley's terroir, where Viña Casablanca wines come from."